Lost & Found

Lost Pets
If you have lost your pet, contact all local Veterinary surgeries (and your local Dog warden if you have lost your dog), informing them your your pet's Name, breed, markings, microchip number, any health issues (diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis etc) and where they went missing from with an approximate time.
Also contact your pet's microchip company and inform them that your pet has gone missing.
Found Pets
If you have found a pet, contact your local Dog warden (if it is a dog) (for Rydale 01653 600666) then your local Veterinary surgery, informing them of the animal's species, breed, markings, and where it was found, plus any obvious injuries. If you are able, you can bring the animal to us, where we will scan it to see if it has a microchip, which should then see it re-united with it's owner.

All dogs MUST, by law, be microchipped and registered by 6th April 2016.
A microchip is the best and often only way to re-unite you with your lost pet, remember to keep your details up to date.


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